Spend a night with Jazz ….

Hi Digitalism readers …

Been a busy months working hard … finally take some time off and spend a night with Jazz music … last 2 weeks … This group name Satoru Shionoya group, the group who full of energy and life.


Satoru Shionoya recently released an album entitled “Hand of GUIDO”. Their sound is built around jazz, but boldly incorporates with light rock and break-beat. Their jazz music are fresh, original, passionate and lyrical.

The arrangement of the instruments … nice!

Alright here is some shooting information for the shoot above …

In this kind of very dark situation, i can hardly take a great shoot due to no tripod is allow during this Jazz concert. Lucky with the EF-S 17-85 IS USM … help me to at least reduce 1-2stops of hand movement ….This setting shown it looks a bit under-exposure, however that actually the effect i wan it to be 😀 By using manual, mode with 1/4TV 5.6AV and 1600 ISO setting this picture came out with clear and very very very X times of noise … awesome just like Satoru Shionoya Group.

*Due to i’m not the official photograher for this Jazz concert, so didn’t get a chance to snap some shoot while they are playing … 😦

After Jazz concert, signing time ….

Hope you guys enjoy it … cheers!

*All photos is taken by: Canon EOS 400D with EFS 17-85mm F4-5.6 USM IS



Some shoots during the Canon City Expo 2007

Hi digitalism readers,

Here is some shoots during the Canon City Expo shoot & some close up shoots of Simon Yam.








Hope you guys like my shoots …

Have a good day!


Canon City Expo 2007 – Malaysia

Dear all Digitalism readers…


Experience Canon’s range of Business and Consumer products, and witness a display of Canon prototypes from the 30s to the 70s. Also, get attractive souvenirs and put yourself in the running for Canon digital cameras and printers, when you participate in our games and hourly lucky draws.

There’s more, every 1000th visitor will get a free Canon digital compact camera. Other activities included meet the fan session with international star. Simon Yam on the 23rd October at 2.00p.m.; EOS Service Clinic, and also get a chance to try out Canon new product, demo and a chance to purchase products. If you want to be part of Canon family, Canon Malaysia did have career opportunity session through out the event. Some good news for the EOS user, Canon Malaysia will be display full range of Canon EOS lenses during the event, and also live studio shoot out.

In the same event, Canon also organize seminars for the visitors, and the seminars schedules as follows:


For further information please come to the Canon City Expo 2007 on the 23rd – 25th October 2007.

See you guys there 😀


Take great pet pictures!

Hi Digitalism readers …

This week I going to talk about taking great pet pictures.

An animal’s unpredictability, like young child’s is what makes them infinitely photogenic and interesting subjects.

By that very nature, they don’t take directions very well and can be a challenge to photograph. Yet with a few simple tips and oodles of patience you’ll soon be able to snap your pet to the best advantages.


Plan ahead
To ensure your picture turns out the way you want, you have to plan, plan & plan! Before you begin snapping, it is always best to have in mind the some basic pictures ideas. E.g. location, lightings, props, etc.

A key problem in photography pets is confining them to a specific area so you can have more control over the situation. One of the good way is to pick the familiar spot, likewise favorite chair, rug and etc.

Watch your background
A plain background is most ideal in taking photos of a pets. However, if you prefer to take very strong depth-of-field background it is fine too. Therefore whole picture will more focus on the pet which is not the background.

Up close
The most common mistake most people make is to keep too much of a distance when they are snapping pets. To get better shots, you should move closer to the pet as this will ensure greater composition within the frame.


Level up
Don’t have the pet looking up into the camera unless this is the angle you want for the picture. It’s always a good idea to place the digital camera at about the same level as the animal so you’ll be seeing the pet’s point of view.

Hey, Boy, here
Cameras can be distracting for some animals. One way to get their attention or to lure them into position is to dangle their favorite treat or toy before them. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to act silly to catch their attention. Meanwhile, here’s a tip we read about: If you want two animals to get playful, try rubbing some food behind the ear of one of them. Then get ready to shoot fast!


Easy on the flash
Red eye ruins otherwise good portraits, but are more pronounced in animal pictures. The simplest solution is to turn off your camera flash. A bright but overcast day is great; the best light for photo-taking is early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Not a fan of the outdoors? All you have to do is find a window where the sun shines through and you are set to go!

Say Cheese
How to capture the right expression in pets? The key is behavior. Understand the pet’s attitude in playing, likewise playing with towel, toy & so on. Finally, do run a damp towel over the animal to clean out eyes, nose & ears before photo taking. And if you want to “alert” and happy subject, ensure both eyes of the pet are visible in the picture, and avoid droopy ears. A slouching, tired look will bbe magnified and unattractive.

So hope you guys enjoy this week topic 😀

*All photos is taken by: Canon EOS 400D with EFS 17-85mm F4-5.6 USM IS
**Thanks to my puppy: Panda 😀


Check out some hot chicks!

Hi Digitalism readers ..

Not many people get a chance to shoot hot chicks up close 😀 eh … please don’t think to the dark side. MAINLY ON PHOTO SHOOTING OK!!! Hahahaha 😀

Below is some photos on outdoor portrait.

* Use the photo wisely ya …

Shooting on outdoor portrait is not easy tasks. 1st is not easy to find focus (due to the model keep changing position) you know i know man, they move a lot :p … anothing thing is lighting, to find a better way to bounce the light. Follow by keeping the model happy & looking at your lens is the most important thing. Therefore they help you to get a better shot.


Using telephoto lens is always produce a very shallow depth of field (behind blur & object clear). Of course i’m using a standard lens, EF-S 17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS USM . That’s the different man, can’t show much of the depth of feild ….


Ok hope you guys enjoy 😀


Canon Photo Marathon Malaysia 2007 – Winners Shoot!

Dear Digitalism readers …

Canon Marketing Malaysia are proud to announce its inaugural participation in the Canon Photo Marathon Asia 2007, a most unique and exciting photography contest organized by Canon Asia. The launch of the Canon Photo Marathon contest in Malaysia had kicked off on the 26th of August at the PWTC Kuala Lumpur.

The first-ever 12-hour digital photo marathon was to test the stamina of some 200 photographers, their talents and tools. The participants has complete three photographic assignments, each lasted for three long hours. The challenging themes includes: Malaysia Leads, Lunch Break & Abandoned Lot.

In line with achieving the ISO 14001, Canon Marketing Malaysia has taken this opportunity by donating all contributions of RM10,000 to Global Environment Centre – River Care Program.

Well done to all participants 😀

Theme 1 Winner: Malaysia Leads by Sean Ng Sze Shenn

Theme 2 Winner: Lunch Break by Ahmad Suhairy Shuib

Theme 3 Winner: Abandoned Lot by Saiful Nang

For more information pls kindly log-on to this link: Canon Photo Marathon Malaysia 2007 Winner!

Do you have what it takes, to shoot non-stop? – Canon Photo Marathon Malaysia 2007

Dear readers,

There is a great news to share with you all. Canon Marketing Malaysia is organizing the very 1st Photo Marathon in Malaysia …. It is a one day event, at PWTC 26th August 2007. Open to public (anyone with a Digital camera – any brand) Details as below:-

12 Hours. 3 Themes. 0 breaks in between.
Do you have what it takes, to shoot non-stop?

Participants are required to pre-register by downloading registration form and send it to Canon Photo Marathon Malaysia 2007 secretariat office.
On the actual day of the contest (26th August 2007 – Sunday), each participant will be given 3 separate themes at different times to base their photographs on. They are given 3 hours to complete each thematic work and must return to Putra World Trade Center (PWTC) with their pictures, download them onto the server before getting their next assignment.

Judges will be evaluating all the pictures after each round.

Three sets of prizes (1 winner; 2 merits awards) are given for the best pictures in each round of assignment.

The “Best of Show” will be judged based on all their works in the 3 rounds.

The “Best of Show” winner will receive a grand prize of a Photo Clinic to Kyushu, Japan.

Organiser: Canon Marketing (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd
Technology Sponsor: Switch (Apple Authorized Reseller)

To find out more, please log-on www.canon.com.my or www.photomarathonasia.com